ShutApp APK Latest Version (2.30) Free Download

ShutApp APK Latest Version (2.30) Free Download

ShutApp APK Latest Version (2.30) Free Download


The power problem is one of the oldest problems faced by smartphones. And even with all the latest technologies, this issue is still fully persistent among all the Android devices. Android devices hardly run more than a day with heavy use even with never batteries and can’t even manage to complete with old batteries. Many different approaches have been taken to solve this particular problem. Few types of research have been done regarding the battery type of material. But there have not been any further worldwide developments, ShutApp APK APPS of alternative cell content being too expensive. They make the battery non-cost-efficient, and the masses can’t use such batteries. Some other research results advised users to adopt certain ways to prolong the battery charge and its lifetime. Most common ways that were used to do so were to have a minimum number of apps, to have wifi and blue-tooth open only when active. Though this method was somewhat lucky, it was entirely manual and time-consuming. And even with all that, users couldn’t do anything about the background apps which then would manage to drain the battery easily.

Amidst all this, what users needed was an app which could manage all other apps, process and background process automatically. And YirgaLab created an app just to save users from the pain of managing all the apps and processes manually. It is none other than ShutApp. ShutApp allows users to managed their battery consumption with utmost precision. It lets users do so by giving the full list of processes and apps running on the device. ShutApp also gives the percentage of memory being used by those apps and the battery consumption by those apps in recent time which helps a user to decide not only to close an app he wants but also to decide if he wants an additional app which is draining his memory and battery by a significant amount or not. It also allows users to monitor all the background which most of the other battery optimizers fail to do. It has one click option which allows it to close down all the unnecessary apps and background processes make it one of the best apps in battery management section.

Features of ShutApp APK

Following are the features of this incredibly useful ShutApp app:

Quickest way of closing down battery draining apps

With the help of this beautiful app, you no longer have to close all the apps manually. With just one simple press of the button “Shut” all the battery draining apps close down and are not allowed to restart without permission. This saves a user from the worry of draining of battery and constant battery degradation. ShutApp makes the app incredibly easy to use to full effect.

Auto Shutdown of backgrounds apps

ShutApp allows users to close all background apps in an instant. It could be active all the time or only when the phone is totally inactive. It is entirely customizable and allows a user to use his phone just as he wants but without too much drainage of battery. It is also called PocketShut.

Quick Access to closed Apps and their notifications

The closed apps no longer use any memory and don’t drain the battery. But users can still access them quickly and with ease through the advanced feature of ShutApp PC called floating MagicBall. Users can not only access them but also get notifications of those apps. So none of the daily works of a user are disrupted by ShutApp android. Due to this feature, a smartphone user can use his device with ease without any worry about the battery. For example, you want Whatsapp to stop using too much of your memory and draining your battery but also want to get the messages from your friends? You can do just that with the help of this app.

ShutApp APK Latest Version (2.30) Free Download
ShutApp APK Latest Version (2.30) Free Download
Option of whitelisting some important

The automatic feature of this app closes down all apps, but that doesn’t mean that you are doomed and that you can’t allow some basic apps to continue. There is an option of whitelist available. The apps that are added to that list are not closed by any of the automatic features and pursue their work without any disruption. As a result, the user can use his device without discomfort.

Incredibly Well-built, yet easy to use Interface

ShutApp PRO  interface is an intuitive one and very easy to get used to. It is pretty simplistic, yet a visual treat. It is an excellent example of quality graphic designing. Users can monitor and manage all the apps and different functions easily from it. No new user could ever have any problem using its full services due to this quality interface.

Users can see all the running apps including background app in it. Users can see the amount of memory and battery being used by them. Users can also see the battery drainage done by any particular app in recent time. With the help of these tools, a user can decide if he wants to close an app or not. It also allows a user to think about the app use and corresponding battery drainage that lets him or her decide if he or she wants to uninstall it not.

ShutApp APK Latest Version (2.30) Free Download
ShutApp APK Latest Version (2.30) Free Download
Save Data usage

ShutApp free Download allows users to keep the data usage over cellular networks. It does so by closing all the unnecessary apps running in foreground or background that affect the data usage.

Updates on Idle Apps and AppCafe

ShutApp FREE DOWNLOAD  constantly updates users about the apps that they haven’t used in a long time. It allows users to think if they even those apps or not. And this lets users clean up their devices.

AppCafe is a small feature where users can find more apps. Apps are regularly updated and are incredible at their positions of work.


From above features, we can conclude for sure that ShutApp for PC is the best software for battery management. It allows users to increase their battery times. Increased battery time also means increased total battery life. So it is a win-win situation for all Android users. Its full version costs real money, but we are giving its free version here for free. So don’t waste any time and increase your battery life now.

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